Welcome to the Huntleigh USA

The capability for maintaining higher security protocols mandates new standards of performance from uniformed and plainclothes security officers to meet higher risk and threat levels. We at Huntleigh USA Corporation recognize the need for more sophisticated services and are performing to those higher standards. Our personnel have to meet strict professional requirements and undergo comprehensive training prior to their assignments. Additional on-the-job training programs are designed and implemented to bring enhanced performance and the ability to provide quality security services to our client through highly skilled, trained and experienced personnel. Huntleigh USA Corporation Security Officers are currently fulfilling this vital role and mission for a growing list of leading corporations and businesses through custom staffing programs with highly skilled, trained and experienced personnel. We are ready to be deployed as the primary security team and also available to supplement existing corporate security as needed. Huntleigh USA Corporation provides these services to:

Home Homers Associations (HOA)
Office Buildings and Corporate Headquarters
Shopping Centers
Apartment Buildings
Art Galleries and Museums
Threats to High Profile Businesses

Huntleigh USA uses Silvertrac which is a Guard Management & Reporting Solution that allows users to complete shift reports, report incidents, respond to tasks, and scan checkpoints to a live issue monitor. While in the field users can take pictures, record audio files, and add notes to generate amazing reports in a quick and easy process. All of this information is available in powerful reports that track data, analyze trends, and give you the important information you need to improve your operations.

Huntleigh USA Corporation
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